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Ag Technology

Ag Technology, also known as Precision Ag, helps farmers make smart, efficient, and responsible decisions about how and when they plant, grow, irrigate, harvest and transport crops. PRECISION AG With the growing population and world events, we know we will…

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AS TRENDS MOVE TOWARDS ELECTRIC, WILL THE AGRICULTURE INDUSTRY JOIN THE BANDWAGON? WHY IS THERE A PUSH TO GO ELECTRIC? NEW ADMINISTRATION With the new Administration’s interest in electric vehicles, it appears that the opportunity to explore the feasibility is…

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Co-op Careers | Petroleum Sales

TAKE A DEEPER DIVE INTO SOME OF THE CAREERS THAT ARE OFFERED BY AN AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVE IN ENERGY! Travis | NEBRASKA Travis works at a cooperative in Nebraska and shares what his experience working as a Petroleum Salesman at the…

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WHAT ARE SYNTHETIC LUBRICANTS? Synthetic lubricants are oils and grease that come from man-made materials. Most conventional lubricants are made mostly from crude oil. Synthetic lubricants are made from chemical compounds that could include modified petroleum or several other raw…

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