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From the outside, cooperatives may look like any other business. But inside, they are very different. A cooperative, also known as a co-op, is owned and controlled by the people closest to the business – those that do business with the company – and not distant shareholders.

Growing plants seems simple. They need soil, nutrients, sunshine, and water. However, in agronomy, it’s essential that the grower must know what nutrients the crop needs and how to implement these nutrients so that the crops can grow and mature.

Being on the go means we need a lot of energy! But what is energy? And how do we get it? The machines we use to get places, like our cars, require energy as well. But what we put into our vehicles isn’t found in nature. It must be created or manufactured.

Our farmers and ranchers work tirelessly to provide safe, nutritious food for families around the world. It starts with the feed they give their animals because safe FEED equals safe FOOD.

American farmers are selling more of their high-quality products to the rest of the world than ever before in the history of the United States. So how are farmers feeding the world and going from the farm to the market?

Depending on the job, the equipment and products change by the day, season, and task at hand. Farmers must take safe steps when operating machinery and utilizing these tools to protect themselves and others.