CVA in the Classroom

Central Valley Ag cooperative is bringing CVA into the Classroom, and to the street. CVA Akron employees visited with kids about farm safety and handed out reflective snap bracelets and red flashing lights to keep kids safe during their community Truck or Treat event.

And CVA in the Classroom hasn’t stopped there, CVA employee volunteers have been busy teaching about agriculture and farm safety with classrooms, first responders and extension groups to name a few.

Fewer farms today mean that fewer kids are being directly exposed to agriculture and the safety precautions required when working or playing around large farm equipment. By utilizing the educational resources provided through the Growing Agriculture platform, CVA has committed to visiting classrooms, either in-person or remotely, so all students can expand their knowledge of the agricultural industry and stay safe on the farm.

Interested in having CVA visit your classroom? Click the button below and schedule your visit today!

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