Co-op increases its transportation efforts

Cooperatives have many different types of transportation based on their needs. From trains and semi-trucks to tractors, these modes of transportation are used for a variety of different reasons.

For example, trains can be used to haul grain across the country and occasionally throughout North America. Tractors are used to apply crop protection on fields, and semi-trucks are used to haul the chemicals that farmers put on their fields along with other materials like feed and grain.

Central Valley Ag’s (CVA) use of semi-trucks has increased as they have started to haul crop protection products such as Roundup®, Harness® Xtra, and Warrant® directly from the distributor to CVA locations. CVA began transporting these chemicals in February of 2022 due to the shortage of truck availability to deliver products to its facilities. It was becoming difficult to get chemicals in a timely fashion during the seasons CVA and its member-owners needed it most.

CVA first noticed a disruption in trucks in the summer of 2021. When relying on the distributor to transport, the co-op wasn’t getting their products quick enough and in turn the customers suffered. To combat this, CVA designated two chemical tankers and three of its current drivers to help transport. Over the last year of transporting these chemicals, the cooperative has seen many benefits.

By transporting the products itself, the co-op is able to ensure the products arrive at locations on time and that they are readily available for the customers. As of today, CVA has hauled 85 loads of chemicals to various CVA locations which totals to be 324,603 gallons. The loads are hauled from McCook, Neb. and Webster City, Iowa depending on where the products ultimately end up.

“Hauling our own chemicals allows us to have more control over deliveries, as well as control of the dates and times the loads arrive at their destination,” said James Evans, CVA Transportation Manager. “Having products readily available in the proper locations helps our producers have what they need when they need it.”

CVA is very thankful for its Transport division; without it, the co-op would not be able to deliver and receive its products in a timely manner to better serve its member-owners.

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