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Have you ever wondered what a career in agriculture might look like? Cooperatives offer many career opportunities, maybe even ones you might not think of. Take a deeper dive into a career that is offered by an agricultural cooperative and grow more.

Tony S.


Tony works at a cooperative in Nebraska and shares what his experience working as a safety director at the co-op is like.

WHAT DOES A safety director DO?

I am part of the safety team at a cooperative as a Safety & Compliance Director. We are a safety resource for all our locations with the focus of building a proactive culture that promotes the well-being and safety of our employees.

Describe what your day looks like:

Every day is different. You never know what is around the corner. In my territory, I cover 14 of our locations on making sure we are compliant within the safety standards that are set within our industry. This involves running audits, setting clear expectations through objective goal benchmarking, and providing positive recognition for continuous improvement.

– Tony S.

Why did you choose this career:

Building relationships! I have the opportunity to touch base with several different employees from day-to-day and I really enjoy that. I also value the flexibility to arrange my own schedule.

What’s something you know about the industry now that you didn’t when you started?

I grew up in a farming community and I always liked the idea of keeping people safe. That’s also why I am a member of my local fire and rescue department.

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