Life on the Farm

LindsAy Brinker and her family remind everyone to look up and look out for power-lines when driving large equipment.

From skid steers to combines, there’s equipment all over the farm. Equipment can be very dangerous for not only children, but adults as well. It is always important to be mindful of your surroundings when you are operating, or around, any type of equipment and to know the proper protocols for an accident.

Lindsay Brinker and her family are always sure to take extra precaution on the farm, especially with her children around. However, even with precautions, accidents still happen. During harvest, Lindsay’s brother and oldest son were going to dump grain into the semi-trailer. When her brother took the auger out it hit a power line. The power-line came down and landed on the cab of the tractor with her brother and son inside.

The adults standing by, called the first responders and motioned for the two to stay inside the cab. This was to ensure that the two could get out of the tractor safely without getting injured. After the utility company confirmed they were no longer in danger, they were safely rescued and left with a good reminder to always check your surroundings.

“The good thing about the adults being around when the accident happened was that they knew what to do. They had prior knowledge of how to handle this situation in order to stay safe,” said Lindsay.

Educating yourself before an accident happens is important so you know what to do without having to think about it.


No matter how cautious you are, accidents still happen. Get educated on equipment safety and always be alert and aware when in or around equipment.

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