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Popcorn – it’s an easy choice – a classic at the movies, popped up fresh at home or snagged in the grocery aisle for a quick treat. On average, Americans eat almost 300 cups of popcorn every year – in a variety of flavors, shapes and styles. From classic butter to parmesan garlic to decadent caramel or white chocolate peppermint – most of us have a special place in our hearts for popcorn. At least, that’s what the team at Preferred Popcorn in Chapman, NE, is banking on.


Founded by a group of Nebraska farmers and a farm cooperative, the company describes itself as grounded in integrity, driven by quality, and innovative by nature. Now one of the fastest growing popcorn companies in the country, Preferred Popcorn sends kernels to 75 countries around the world and provides more than 1.5 billion servings of premium popcorn annually.

It’s quite a science and a little bit of an art too – starting with good dirt, sustainable farming practices – and an extensive hybrid testing program to select the best performing varieties for each growing region. Preferred Popcorn currently works with close to 100 family farms across the Midwest to raise both conventional and organic popcorn. “We love popcorn. We eat it every day. But for us, popcorn is an opportunity to work with our fellow farmers in a very science-driven, innovative way to ultimately provide a healthy, delicious food to customers and friends around the world.”—Norm Krug, CEO and Founder of Preferred Popcorn.

This year, Preferred Popcorn launched a sister company – Preferred Snacks. The snacks division opened just a few weeks ago, and is already getting creative in the kitchen.

Their first projects include a line of classic flavors plus some fun new flavors including a spicy cheese, avocado oil and sea salt, monk fruit and acai, herbed parmesan and buttery caramel. Popcorn is a blank canvas for food innovation.

What is YOUR favorite popcorn? Preferred Popcorn’s CEO, Norm, shares his favorite recipe. “Popcorn popped in a pot on the stove with a sprinkle of parmesan on top.”

Norm laughs when asked about the rapid growth of Preferred Popcorn, “I never dreamed we would ship popcorn around the world, supply the biggest movie theater chains in America or pop popcorn for the some of the most sought after brands in the country… I just worked hard to get over the next hurdle and to jump a little higher each time.”

Written by: Andrea Plucker, Preferred Popcorn

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